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We Are Creative

Vertial Telecom Ltd. short history is routed in innovation. Founded in 2013 as an answer to overgrowing need for faster and more reliable VoIP and mobile voice services. Our goal is success of our clients, and our vision is to provide them best service there is. Comprehensive in structure, elaborate in execution, dynamic in style, Vertial Telecom Ltd. is positioned to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Our visionary business approach combined with capabilities acquired over years of experience in the industry empowers us to deliver most complex VoIP projects there are.

We Have Skills

- A-Z Voice Termination Service
- VoIP Transit
- VoIP traffic analysis
- Network (Juniper, Cisco)
- Vertical databases (SOLR/Lucene)
- Distributed storage systems (Hadoop)
- Storage Area Networks (Brocade / IBM)
- Bigdata

We Love To Help

With complete SIP / VoIP Software development, telecommunication solutions consulting, network solutions, mobile applications designs and development, analysis of traffic and performance, configurations, optimizations and troubleshooting and many more ...

Our Partners

We have more than 100 interconnected partners worldwide


Lexico Telecom LTD

VOX Carrier SRL

Rovex Telecom


Global Net Holdings, Inc.

Novatel D.O.O.

Orbis Telecom D.O.O.

Afinna One S.R.L.

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Vertial Telecom Ltd.
Enterprise Court, P.O.Box 3504
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands


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